How Reiki Can Help You in Pregnancy

A natural healing system which has been used for centuries, Reiki offers healing benefits without the side effects that medications can result in. It works by passing a flow of powerful positive energies through the body by touch points where your healer places her hand on your body – this will be on specific areas which have been troubling you. The technique has gained popularity due to the simplicity of the techniques and the positive results it can offer. Intriguingly, it can be self taught and is simple to learn. Some pregnancy related problems may benefit from Reiki, as there are no side effects and the results are quick and effective. There are no medications so it is safe for your unborn baby as well, all throughout your pregnancy and after too.

Reiki can help to treat the unborn baby as well as make delivery easier and less painful, according to reports. It can also restore your health once you’ve given birth and help you to produce more breast milk to feed your baby. It has the potential to cure everyday illnesses and protect you and your child from the ailments you may pick up after pregnancy, as well as during. Some couples feel that they would like their child to bear certain qualities, and Reiki can even help with this – you achieve this by visualising what you’d want your child to have. The positive energies can make it possible by starting a few months prior to conception and calling on a soul through Special Reiki Telepathy. Through this, they ask them to come to them in the form of a new baby. Spiritual knowledge makes this possible and the positive energies of willpower create the reality.

Many women experience discomfort both during pregnancy and obviously during the birth. The results often lead to women resorting to medication, but this also medicates the baby, leads to possible side effects and alters the food habits you have. During pregnancy, maintaining optimal energy and health is vital for you and your baby, so it’s important that you make the healthiest choices where necessary. Reiki could be the answer to a number of physical problems, helping you to channel your energies into relieving pain and boosting your overall wellbeing.

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