What To Do When Your Child Is Injured: Six Tips

Kids have absolutely no fear or caution; they go boldly where no adult would go, so they’re going to get hurt. Parents need to know some first aid first, and then ascertain if a doctor in a walk in clinic or ER is in order. Parents also need to know when an injury means an attorney is required. These are a few things parents need to know.


1. What Happened?

Did the child fall? Is there blood? Is the blood squirting like a fountain or oozing? Fountains mean arterial blood and need an ambulance. If there are broken bones, they need an ambulance. If the child is unconscious or lethargic with dilated wandering eyes, call an ambulance. In most cases, stanching the blood and keeping the child still until help arrives is all that is needed to ascertain the extent of the injury. If someone else or a product is the cause of the injury, contact a child attorney.


2. Cuts and Burns

Press the cut until the bleeding stops. If it’s not serious, disinfect the cut and bandage it. If it’s deep enough to need a stitch, a walk in clinic or ER will be needed. For burns, place the burn under cold running water to take the heat out of the skin. Wrap the burn in a clean cloth to avoid infection. See a doctor for treatment.


3. Swallowing Something

If the child has swallowed pills, find the bottle to know what it was. If the child has swallowed a chemical, perhaps a cleaning fluid, get to an emergency room immediately. Do not induce vomiting. Wait for a doctor to treat the child. Take the pill or chemical with you to the ER.


4. Fits or Convulsions

Fits are usually caused when a child contracts an illness, raising his fever. Bring the fever down using lukewarm, not cold, baths and children’s aspirin. If this process doesn’t work, get him to a doctor. Convulsions have to last more than half an hour to do brain damage, but get to the ER quickly.


5. Comfort the Child

In all instances of injury, comforting the child will prevent further damage. Keep the child calm and immobile and get medical help.


6. Document

If the wound is caused by a product or negligence, get pictures on your phone. Contact an attorney following medical aid, and keep all medical records.

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