Could Your Diet Plan Do With a Boost? Try Hypnosis!

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ll know that half the battle is in your mind. This is where hypnosis weight loss programmes come in. When you’re under hypnosis — a state of inner absorption and concentration — you are highly focused and more responsive to ideas about behavioural changes that might benefit your wellbeing, such as your eating habits. But what makes the hypnosis weight loss diet different from any other diet?

According to Nancy B. Irwin, PsyD, CHt, a speaker and author who uses hypnosis to help people become aware of why they overeat, ‘My premise is that there is positive intent behind every bit of human behaviour. No one ever does anything to deliberately be bad or wrong, or even evil…similarly, no one chooses to be obese.’ Clinical experience has taught Irwin that the positive intent behind overeating comes down to numbing emotional pain, thwarting unwanted sexual advances or to literally stand out/be seen.

A University of Connecticut study, published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, found that hypnosis weight loss programmes can provide a healthy way to address these needs without damaging your wellness. When participants took part in cognitive-behavioural treatments for weight loss reduction, they lost an average of 6lbs. However, when others added hypnosis to this treatment, the average weight loss was 12lbs. Irwin explained that hypnotherapists can reprogramme dieters to follow proper nutritional habits so they are able to commit to an ‘appropriate exercise regime, and most importantly to manage their thoughts, which are self-hypnotic suggestions 24/7.’

Bob Choat, fitness trainer and author of Mind Your Own Fitness, added that hypnosis can offer support to healthy eating and an exercise plan — but it’s not a magic pill. ‘What I’ve discovered regarding weight loss is that simply using hypnosis alone is not enough,’ he said. ‘Immediate action after a hypnosis session is important. Also, special suggestions, such as eating healthy veggies or increasing walking, is part of the solution.’

You can try hypnosis at home using books, videos, or audio recordings and your own voice to form a close connection between your body and mind for a specific reason. Make sure you find a quiet, distraction-free place for five to 30 minutes, making sure you’re as relaxed as possible. Breathe in and out deeply to release any negative energy in your body and mind, and imagine overcoming your weight loss goal. Repeat the statement to reaffirm your confidence in accomplishing your goal, and slowly locate your body and mind back to reality and open your eyes.


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