Global Warming Fight has Reached a Pivotal Moment

Due to the drought being suffered in Texas, scientists now believe that the environmental situation has reached a crisis point. Texas Governor Rick Perry says that the state has suffered three years of drought, and that there is now a serious threat to property, the economy and public wellness as a result.

It is not just the wellbeing of those in the state of Texas that we should be worrying about, though. The situation shows that global warming is an increasing environmental threat, and the repercussions of not tackling this serious issue head on could be catastrophic for the future of the planet.

Fortunately, President Obama has recently unveiled his government’s plan to tackle the issue of global warming, in a speech given at Georgetown University.

It is important for the US to make a serious plan, as the country is the largest culprit in the production of global warming pollution in the entire world. To meaningfully address the problem of pollution in America would spell a much greater chance of averting the serious impacts that scientists fear will come with climate change.

Already, the states has seen a year in which temperatures soared to record-breaking heights, wildfires spread through the country (including during the recent tragedy which claimed the lives of 19 brave firefighters), drought has affected many different areas and severe storms have also battered the country. President Obama feels that one of the main culprits in this growing crisis are the dirty power plants which emit record-breaking levels of CO2.

Already, the States has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by placing caps on global warming pollution across a number of different states, and also aims to have taken 56 million vehicles off the road by 2020, reducing further pollution in this form.

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