Could Ancient Chinese Medicine Increase your Fertility?

Those who are struggling with their fertility may begin to look into complementary forms of medicine, such as Chinese medicine, to see if they can improve things in this way. Chinese medicine has been used to assist couples with their reproductive wellbeing for thousands of years, long before any kind of assisted reproduction technology was available.

A German study was then published in 2002, which found that the use of this Chinese medicine improved peoples reproductive wellness nad chance of successful conception by around 60 percent. Following on from this, many other countries, including the united states of America, conducted their own studies to find out how effective the form of medicine is. Time and time again they came to the same conclusion: both Chinese herbs and acupuncture techniques improve a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

As a result of this, all great fertility endocrinologists across the country now work in conjunction with a Chinese medical practitioner, or have a recommended fertility specialist that they point patients towards for acupuncture or other treatments.

Despite the wealth of information proving that Chinese medicine can help women to fall pregnant, many practitioners state that they sometimes have problems finding clients who believe in the practice enough to give the ancient healing a go when it comes to improving their fertility. Some therapist will even go as far as to agreeing to work with couples on a pro bono basis – only charging for their services if conception happens.

Not only is Chinese medicine though to assist women in getting pregnant, but healers also believe that their techniques also help women to sustain a pregnancy. In terms of cost, too, it is far cheaper to go down the Chinese medicine route rather than paying for the costs and going through the invasive procedure of IVF.


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