Would You Try These Bizarre Anti-Aging Treatments?

When it comes to anti-aging, people are often prepared to go to extraordinary lengths. As long as the treatment does not damage their wellness and has some kind of positive (or reported positive) effect on their wellbeing, they are prepared to try it, no matter how strange or unlikely it might seem.

These odd treatments can range from things like sperm facials, to urine therapy and placenta face masks. Bee venom has also been used in some types of facial products. In a survey, a group of women were asked which products they would be willing to try out, assuming that cost was not a factor. The results were quite interesting and amusing.

Placenta face masks: around 45 percent of the group would be willing to have a face mask used from the stem cells in a sheep’s placenta. These are thought to boost collagen and tighten loose skin.

Bee venom: around 41 percent of the group would try this treatment. It is supposed to smooth out wrinkles and to trick the skin into producing more collagen by producing a stinging feeling and causing the blood to rush to the area.

Vampire face masks: this is when blood is drawn out of your own body and then injected into your face, which in turn creates platelet-rich plasma. This removes fine lines, and around 39 percent of the group would be willing to try this.

Leeches: these have been used in the past by Demi Moore. The slimy creatures are placed on your face, and they then detoxify the blood. Around 38 percent of the group would try this.

Sperm facial: around 30 percent of the group would be willing to try this. Spermine, which is present in sperm, is rich in anti-oxidants and can prevent the skin from aging, as well as giving it a smoother texture.

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