Side effects of clopidogrel

Clopidogrel can cause side effects, although serious reactions are rare.

Common side effects of clopidogrel can include:

Speak to your GP if any of these side effects get worse or do not go away.

Serious side effects

More serious side effects can include:

  • rashes and itching
  • severe stomach ache or abdominal pain
  • uncontrolled bleeding or unusual bruising
  • vomiting with blood
  • blood in your urine
  • blood in your stools

Speak to your GP immediately if you experience any of these side effects or any other unusual problems while taking clopidogrel.

Allergic reaction

In some cases clopidogrel can cause an allergic reaction. Go to the nearest hospital’s accident and emergency department (A&E) if you experience:

  • swelling of the lips, mouth or throat
  • breathing problems
  • a skin rash that appears quickly

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