Loved Ones Unable to Take Care of Themselves? 3 Options

Many elderly people who live alone have trouble relying on themselves to cook, clean, do their laundry and take the appropriate medications. This is many times due to ailing health, and it is in these cases that loved ones of elderly people seek care assistance. Three possible caring options for our loved ones who cannot take care of themselves are assisted living facilities, private caretakers or nurses and nursing homes.


Assisted Living Facilities

These facilities are great options for seniors who need help with basic daily activities. While this option is not covered by Medicaid or Medicare, there is a lot of affordable senior housing. Atlanta experts recommend Calvin Court and Philips Tower as two affordable senior housing options in that area. Small apartments are given to each resident that they can furnish with their own personal items. There is no need to worry about the senior having to cook, clean, do his or her own laundry or wonder what prescriptions need to be taken when because all this is covered by the staff. Not only are these amenities available, but residents get to socialize with other seniors, which is a great advantage to those who have spent most of their life alone. Each assisted living facility offers numerous options, and depending on the budget of the senior and loved ones willing to help financially, as many or as little of these amenities can be chosen.


Private caretakers or nurses

Many seniors refuse to leave their homes to go anywhere else. In these cases, if the seniors’ loved ones are able to afford a part-time or full-time private caretaker or nurse, then this option would be a good one for seniors. This option may be good for elderly folks who need little assistance and are in fairly good health because this is not a 24 hour option like nursing homes or assisted living facilities. However, these people will make sure that anything the senior needs is taken care of. Food, light cleaning and health checkups are the most common services provided.


Nursing Homes

This option is covered by Medicaid and Medicare with the proper approval from a physician. Nursing homes are very affordable and provide a variety of health care options for people with specialized health needs. The medical staff will be able to pay close attention to the senior’s health. This option is a good one for elderly people who have serious health issues and need constant medical attention. Semi-private rooms, meals and numerous activities are available in nursing homes.

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