Could Hands-On Healing be the Answer to Your Ailment?

Alternative therapies have become increasingly popular in recent years, helping people who are lacking in energy and wish to restore the balance in their body. There are two camps of alternative therapies – those which use touch to soothe and massage, and those which use no contact at all to heal your mind and body. Here is a quick round up of six of the best alternative therapies.

Uptight with poor digestion?

If you’re stressed and have poor digestion, perhaps caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) then you may benefit from reflexology. This therapy stimulates the predefined pressure points in the body and can help to soothe inflammation and tension, and helps to stimulate the flow of energy throughout your mind and body. Different points are connected with various areas of the body, so your toes are linked with your head, and the middle of your feet are connected to your kidneys. Studies suggest that it can help to lower anxiety levels and improve circulation, as well as being helpful in getting rid of waste to boost the immune system.

Feeling unwell with pain?

Many of us suffer with general aches and pains, feeling unwell a lot of the time but not knowing why. Reiki can be useful here, as this Japanese therapy is based on the belief that energy needs to be able to flow freely to let your body mend itself and balance your well-being. Your practitioner will establish where the blockages are and then transmit the energy, without touch, to let the body stimulate the flow. Research shows that it can decrease heart rate and blood pressure, as well as being helpful with stress.

Headaches and tiredness?

You may benefit from the lesser known Bowen technique if you have sleep problems or get headaches a lot. This technique was developed in the 50s in Australia and focuses on the gentle manipulation of the connective tissues. It may benefit you if you tend to get drained easily or find that stress builds up in certain areas through tensions. It’s a very gentle treatment and works wonders as the practitioner gently manipulates the body so it can respond to the stimulation.


If you suffer with eczema, migraines or chronic fatigue syndrome then homeopathy is a great choice. The theory behind it is treating ‘like for like’. So whatever substances can cause the symptoms you have can also be used to treat it, albeit in a milder form. For example, arnica can be used for bruises. It can be helpful for people with allergy-linked problems, like eczema or IBS, as well as depression or migraines.

Muscular or injury pain?

Back pain, bad posture or an old injury causing you pain could be treated with osteopathy. This works by manipulating the joints and muscles so the body can heal itself. Your osteopath will ask you to perform simple movements so that they can evaluate the areas, then they will manipulate them to increase flexibility. It can suit active people who need something a little stronger than simply a massage.

Want to change your behaviour?

If you have a habit you want to get out of, such as smoking, hypnotherapy is a great choice. This works by getting you into a deep trance or deeply relaxed state, then  triggering healing during this state. It can be great for people with phobias or those who struggle to make the changes they want to make. Many people find this to be effective, and there have been numerous studies proving that hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for this type of problem.

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