Bonding With Your Senior Family Members Through Gadgets

Amidst busy schedule and the demands of day-to-day life, spending time with your family should still be a priority. This is especially true when it comes to our senior loved ones. Being emotionally close with other family members could actually bring positive effects to their health. A study conducted by researchers at Boston College concluded that a good relationship between grandparents and their grown-up grandchildren helped improve the mental well-being of both. So whenever possible, allow them to spend more time with, not just the kids, but also with you. Disconnecting from technology won’t even be an issue as you do so. Here are some useful gadgets that will definitely enhance your relationship with your senior loved ones.

Game Console
This may not sound your grandma’s ideal pastime but a good video game is definitely something  beneficial to her, mentally, physically and socially. Thanks to game creators of Wii and Kinect, seniors can now have a share of friendly competition or just plain recreation through game consoles. These offer games that sharpen the mind or which can be enjoyed by doing physical movements. Challenge grandma or grandpa to play popular Wii games for adults, such as Fit Plus and Big Brain Academy Wii Degree. You can also sweat it out together by performing sports, dance, and fitness game activities through Kinect. Occasionally sweating out and being physically active is always advisable for your aging loved ones and playing video games is a fun way to do this while bonding together.

Techy seniors can easily relate to this. From magazines to cookbooks to novels, electronic readers have become very handy when it comes to satisfying the bookworm within. The Kindle and iPad are favorite options for this device because of their practical screen size, easy download features, and compact design. While this is a gadget that can be enjoyed even alone, orienting your senior loved ones on how to use it and even browsing and skimming through the e-books together is a great way to interact. Exchange ideas or give tips on how to enjoy this device more and you’ll find yourself getting closer through this friendly gadget.

Of course, what better way to capture unforgettable moments with your loved ones than to document it with a camera. Never mind the “likes” you will be getting after posting a photo of grandma and the kids enjoying a day at the beach. What matters more is to create memories and make your elderly loved ones feel special and appreciated. A point and shoot camera is the most reliable device you can get as it provides basic features like zoom in/out, flash, and night mode. This is even something the oldies can operate themselves! For more sophisticated details of your shots, go for DSLR cameras, but make sure explore its functions to maximize its full potential.

Communication is one of the most important things to remember when maintaining a good relationship, something you would want to treasure with your senior loved ones. Luckily, constant call or text messaging has become very handy these days, even to seniors. Phone manufacturers are smart enough to cater this market by releasing senior friendly phones that offer basic features for calling and texting. The Doro 410, for instance,  appears in a sleek design but still has all the functions that senior users would need, like large text display and Bluetooth. Likewise, Snapfon Ez One features large buttons and a very accessible SOS button. There is also the Samsung Jitterbug, which is popular for tying up with the service provider, GreatCall, which works as personal operator to Jitterbug users.

What’s not to love about it? This gadget is an excellent tool for information, communication, and entertainment, while being in the right size. Download apps that grandma and grandpa will enjoy, like puzzle games to kill the boredom. You can also bond over interactive games that you can both enjoy playing together. And of course, apps  that offer video calls like Skype or programs like Facetime for iOS are sure way to communicate with each other even when you’re continents apart.

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