Could a Sex Therapist Be The Answer to Your Problems?

Complementary wellness encompasses different types of therapy, including the talking therapies and sex therapy. This is a form of psychotherapy that deals with the sexual wellbeing of couples or individuals.


In recent times, seeing a sex therapist to deal with sexual problems has become less of a taboo subject, fortunately, but it is still not something that is openly talked about, and therefore there are still many unknowns when it comes to this area. Others find it extremely difficult to imagine talking to a professional about such an intimate topic.


It may be, however, that sex therapy is exactly what you need to get your relationship back on track. Sex therapists often prescribe specific, structured erotic experiences for the couple to explore together, and then they will feedback on this during their sessions and the sex therapist will help them work through any issues that they may be experiencing.


The decision to see a sex therapist is a serious one. Before you decide whether to engage the services of such a professional, have a look on the internet to see if you think that this type of help could improve your anxieties and change your behaviour and attitudes towards sex.


In addition, you should bear in mind that most sex therapists advice couples to see a doctor as well as a therapist, to make sure that the problem is not physiological. There are certain problems such as hormone instability, or gynecological problems that cannot be overcome with sex therapy. IN addition, drug or substance abuse can reduce sexual performance.


In addition to this, you can do a little research on your own, studying books and informative videos to work out whether you can solve your problem on your own without the help of a therapist. If you do end up engaging a therapist, however, most will follow a certain pattern, which starts with education and counseling, moves on to a structured task (of a sexual nature) and then is followed up with a review of how this worked, further treatment and some sort of assessment of how the behaviour has advanced.

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