How To Care For Indoor Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a wonderful addition to your living space. Not only do they bring fresh colours into the room, but they also provide health benefits. So, if you’re interested in beautiful, low-maintenance indoor hanging plants, here are a few things to consider:

Partial shade – Plants in hanging baskets are those that love the sun but can also tolerate partial shade, where access to sunlight is not always guaranteed. Begonias, Money Plant, Bougainvillea, Mandevilla etc are some good options.

Container shape – For your hanging plants to be healthy, container shape and size is crucial. The hanging basket needs to be big enough to allow roots to grow.

Plant size – Do your research to find out how big a plant will grow when it matures. Choose the container accordingly.

Bold colours – When it comes to choosing the colours go bold! A mix of green, red and yellow instantly brighten up the space.

Fertilise – Whether they’re in a basket or not, plants need to be fertilised. Choose a liquid fertiliser over granular one if you are just starting out.

Trim them – Hanging plants are meant to look full and hang down and you might wonder why trim them. But, in the long-term, the basket will be fuller and healthier if you trim the plants regularly.

Rotate – So that all baskets get equal sunlight, swap their locations. Once in 10 days is good enough.

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