How to Maintain a Healthy Weight on a Holiday

Around two-thirds of frequent travellers say that they find exercising and staying healthy when they’re on holiday stressful, which is why it is so difficult to stay trim when you’re not at home. You want to indulge and sip on cocktails by the pool, but by the time you get home you realise you’ve piled on more than a little excess weight. Here are some tips to ensure that on your next getaway you only bring back a glowing tan.

Book accommodation with a kitchen

If you’re constantly eating rich gourmet meals, you’re bound to put on weight. So why not cook your own meals? If you rent a hotel room or a condo with a kitchen, you can stock healthy foods and navigate a healthier holiday. Dining out is part of the fun though, so if you don’t want to be lumbered with cooking all of the meals, why not cook breakfasts and lunches for yourself, then dine out at dinnertime?

Do your research

Preparation is key, so if you know of the healthier places to eat before you leave your hotel room, you won’t be left opting for a greasy fast food joint out of necessity. You can often review the nutritional data of a place before you go, or at least check out the menu, so that you have a list of potential places to eat come dinnertime. There are apps available which will tell you where is good to eat in your local area, to make the decision a little easier. Don’t forget to check airport restaurants too, so you don’t get stuck with the calorie-laden choice while you wait for your flight.

Pack your resistance bands

You can’t very well pack a treadmill and your home gym equipment, but something lightweight and small can do the job in the meantime. Why not pack your resistance bands? They enable you to strengthen muscles and tone up your body, all of which can be done from the convenience of your hotel room. If you don’t know what to do with them, you could check out routines on YouTube and work out while you are on holiday. Couple that with a great workout soundtrack to keep you motivated and you’ll have yourself your very own makeshift hotel gym!

Get up early

Research suggests that people who workout early in the morning are more likely to stick to their fitness routine. You won’t lose any valuable holiday time during the day, you won’t get stuck working around other peoples schedules, and it will be nice and peaceful. Even a ten minute jog along the beach can make all the difference to your potential weight gain. It’s also a great motivator to take in the sights of your chosen destination when it isn’t filled with tourists!

Become an active sight seeker

Don’t think that exercise has to be in the form of a gym session – you can sneak in physical activity into your holiday time as well. If you can’t fit in a proper workout, why not go cycling through the landscape for an hour, go hiking, spend some time swimming in the sea, or take yourself around the towns and villages on foot instead of opting for the sightseeing bus. If you choose a resort that offers watersports and excursions, be sure to make the most of them. They’re great for keeping fitness fun and making sure that you burn off those extra cocktails by the pool.

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