The fishing group supporting men with their mental health

A County Londonderry fishing group is supporting men with their mental health, and helping those with addiction.

The Fishing in Support of Hope (F.I.S.H) group was set up by Thomas Campbell to give men in the area a safe place to open about their issues.

Mr Campbell, who suffered with alcohol addiction, decided to start the group after coming out of a rehabilitation centre during Covid-19.

The group offers fishing lessons to beginners, as well as organising events and competitions across the north west.

Mr Campbell said fishing has helped him battle his own addiction and believes others like him can benefit from the sport.

“Fishing helped me just get away from everything else that was going on in my life,” Mr Campbell said.

“The worries I had seemed to, I know it sounds clichéd, but they seemed to drift away whenever you’re out standing on the water.”

Video Journalist: Mike McBride

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