Early-morning Carb-rich Breakfast Improves Sugar Control

Type 2 diabetics inject themselves with insulin up to four times a day. But insulin injections are linked to weight gain and the loss of control of blood sugar levels. This triggers a vicious cycle of higher insulin doses, continuous weight gain and other complications. A new Tel Aviv University study finds that a starch-rich breakfast consumed early in the morning, coupled with a small dinner, could replace insulin injections. According to the study, our metabolism and biological clock are optimised for eating in the morning and for fasting during the evening and night. Explains researcher Daniela Jakubowicz, “The traditional diabetic diet specifies six small meals spread throughout the day. But our research proposes shifting the starch-rich calories to the early hours of the day. This produces a glucose balance and improved glycaemic control among type 2 diabetics.” The researchers are now investigating the role certain proteins play in breakfast foods consumed by diabetics.

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