How to Celebrate Diwali Without Harming the Environment

How green is your Diwali? This is probably not a question that pops into your head all that often, but whilst you are celebrating the wonderful festival, you should also be considering the effect that your celebrations may have on the wellness and wellbeing of the planet.


One very simple way that you can ensure that your Diwali is extremely eco-friendly is to celebrate with all your closest family and friends around you. There really is no need for travel – you can simply bring the community together in one place. The cost of the celebration will be reduced in this way too, as everyone can make a contribution, and it will also reduce the amount of pollution that is produced, as everyone will be together celebrating in the one place at the one time. As an added bonus, this kind of celebration will bring whole communities together in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie.


You should also consider your fire crackers very carefully this Diwali. Whilst they are beautiful and spectacular, and certainly the heart of any Diwali celebrations, they can also leave haze, cause a great deal of noise and leave the ground littered with papers the next day. Instead of traditional crackers, why not opt instead for eco-friendly products. These are often made from recycled papers and some are even biodegradable. The noise produced by these is also within acceptable limits.


Instead of an expensive and energy-gobbling electrical illumination, why not opt instead for an age old Diya? These are bio-degradable and cost effective, but they still look very traditional and extremely beautiful. Energy consumption is sky high around Diwali, so you will be doing your part to reduce this.


All of these things can help to make Diwali a far more green celebration for you and for the planet.

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