Bringing Your Work Home: How Job Stress Follows You

One of the worst things you can do to your health and your home life is carry the stresses of work in your front door. The stress can damage the way you feel about yourself and those around you. You may even go as far as to not want to participate or enjoy many other things in your life because you feel so bad.


Is this an over-exaggeration? Sadly, no. Many people come home each day feeling worse than when they left for work.


Common Reasons For Stress At Work


1. Overworked. Many people are overwhelmed with the amount of work that is placed before them each day. Many employers have cut back on personnel and have increased workloads on the people that remain. This can be frustrating and very tiring.


2. Employee Issues. Many employees find that “office politics” are very hard to deal with and it causes them undue stress. This could be from poor management, bad HR, or employee relations. This can easily turn into a very stressful situation when the employee being affected knows they have to return to work each day to the same thing.


3. Illegal Activity. There are times when an employee has access to information that they know is illegal and these actions bother them. These employees ear for their job, but their moral standards cause them to suffer much stress at the knowledge.



Coping With These Three Situations


1. When you are overworked, the best thing that you can do is become more organized. While it would be more pleasant to think that your employer could decrease your work load, at this time it may not be possible. Organizing your tasks will help you accomplish more and de-stress.


2. Employee Issues. Businesses are run much like the government with a system of checks and balances. If there is an issue with one department, one manager, or an employee, there is another manager, department, or employee that can correct this issue for you.


3. Illegal Activity. If the illegal activity is violent in nature, report it to the police – it is that simple. If the activity is one of fraud, which is most common, you have options to correct this issue also. Under the Whistleblowers Act, an employee that reports fraudulent actions is protected by the law and will not be held accountable for the actions of the company. If the act is against the government, the employee may also receive a reward for reporting this crime. If you feel that you are in this situation, you can also find resources at .


Your home life and your “down” time is much too important to allow it to be ruined by stress from work. You want to do whatever it takes to correct the issues at work, and then take advantage of relationship techniques at home. Slip into a hot bath, go for a nice long walk, or spend the day at the spa, whatever helps you feel better.



Writer Melanie Fleury knows how work stress can affect other aspects of your life. If you are in a stressful situation at work and feel like the law needs to get involved, visit the website of to see if you have a case to pursue against your company.


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