How Ayurvedic Foods Can Help You Beat The Heat

Summer brings with it glorious sunshine that we look forward to for the majority of the year – unfortunately, this also means heat waves in certain parts of the world, which can be less than pleasurable. While fans and air conditioners are great, there are other methods which often get forgotten. The ancient art of Ayurveda has been tackling such problems for thousands of years, yet most of us turn to technology instead. There is something to be said for simple answers to these problems, though. Your diet, surprisingly, could hold the answer to your heat problems, leading you to cooling effects without much complexity.


Ayurveda relies on the energy of the physical universe, which is expressed through five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether (also known as space). These elements not only represent the physical materials on earth, but the energies and functions they hold. For example, the earth element refers to the substances which provide the body with mass, but also the psychological sense of being stable and grounded. Likewise, the fire element is the ‘fire’ of digestion, as well as a fiery attitude and strong will. These elements are important in determining personality types. There are three main categories for this – Kapha dosha, which is earth and water; Pitta disha, which is water and fire; Vata dosha, which is air and ether. Furthermore, there are ten sub-types which represent the various combinations within these three doshas. The food we eat affects each of these body types differently, which may seem complex but it is easy to decipher which of these you are – there are plenty of online resources to help you determine your dosha.


When it comes to the foods you require to fuel your body type, you’ll need to seek out those which have thermogenic cooling or energetic cooling properties. For example, those with thermogenic properties describe the actions found in iced drinks, smoothies and chilled juices. Energetic cooling, however, refers to when the liver’s pH level is alkalised by eating things which are above a score of seven on the pH scale. These foods include cooked spinach, Swiss chard and beet greens. You may also be surprised to learn that lime can have a neutralising effect on foods, so try squeezing a lime over your food or drinks.

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