Pesticides: Running a Safe and Healthy Home

Even the cleanest and most organized of family homes sometimes experience pest infestations. People who spray pests inside their homes may scramble to find effective ways to combat the roaches, spiders, mice, and other critters that have invaded their homes. Because chemical pesticides are known to be highly effective, many people choose to spray or bomb their houses with these pesticides.


When they decide to use these poisons in their houses, however, parents may be advised to take certain precautions to keep their children and pets safe from the toxic aerosol and residue of these products.


Empty the House

The most obvious safeguard to keeping children and pets safe from exposure to pesticides is to get these family members out of the house before using these chemicals. When the kids and pets are out of the home, people can then apply the pesticides without the worry of making these vulnerable family members sick.



After the residue and aerosol subsides, the children and family pets can return to the home. Many parents prefer to treat their houses on days when the kids are in school and the pets have appointments at the groomer’s or veterinarian’s office.



Use Organic Pesticides

Rather than rely on commercial sprays and powders found in the grocery store, people may instead rely on organic pesticides found at retailers that specialize in natural home products. These organic products may contain ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, and other natural ingredients that are not toxic to kids and pets who come into contact with them. Many people also find that these organic solutions are just as effective as commercial grocery store pesticides.



Give Ample Ventilation

One of the primary keys to making sure pets and kids are safe while the house is being treated for pests includes keeping the home ventilated and aired out during the process. When the windows and vent systems are closed, the toxic aerosol lingers in the home and has nowhere else to go.



These vulnerable family members can choke on the fumes, as well as suffer from itchy eyes and burning throats because of the air being shut off in their home. While the house is being treated, it is important for people to keep the ventilation system open.



Rely on a Professional

When people are unsure of how to treat their homes in the most effective and safest manner, they are encouraged to rely on professional exterminators or landscapers. These professionals usually require all technicians to maintain a current pesticide certification, such as does. These contractors are trained to treat houses for the most common pests found in houses today. They also can carry out the treatment in a manner that is the safest and fastest for children and pets.



Most exterminators request that people inside the home leave for an hour or so while the professional products are being applied. However, when people return, they will not have to fear choking on toxic fumes or dealing with poisonous residue. These contractors know how to help clients with their pest control problems without jeopardizing their safety.



Many homes today experience pest infestations. Rather than use toxic products that could harm children and pets, people can fare better to follow these suggestions, including hiring a professional exterminator to eliminate the pests.


With a family of 6, Lisa Coleman shares the importance of proper and safe ways to use pesticides. Hiring professionals, like those of, for pesticide treatments can promote a healthier home and family.


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