Plants That Make Great Gifts

When you gift a plant to someone, whether it is family, friends or even coworkers, it means something special – you are giving them a living plant, full of life, instead of a bouquet that will wilt and die in no time. Research shows that having plants in your home, or in your workplace, has a positive effect on you, helping to reduce stress.

Gifting a plant can be unique and could also be specially chosen depending on the personality of the receiver. Here are some plants and flowers which make wonderful gifts:

Aloe vera – It is easy to grow and makes a great choice for a kitchen window or in the balcony. Carpets, cigarette smoke etc can expose you and your family to formaldehyde; house cleaners, paints and detergents can expose you to benzene. Aloe plant improves the air quality at home by clearing formaldehyde and benzene. Its gel can help heal cuts and soothe burns. The leaves can be boiled in water so that you can breathe in the vapours, which are said to alleviate asthma symptoms.

Peace lily – This plant not only looks beautiful but also helps clear indoor pollution and lets you and your family members breathe better. It also absorbs the excess moisture from the surrounding air thereby reducing the possibility of mildew. It will thrive in the bathroom.

Pothos ivy – This is the easiest to grow and is low-maintenance and also helps eliminate odours. It can grow without direct sunlight and even air conditioning will not harm it. You can place it at home or in your office. A 2016 research from the University of Alabama has found that Golden Pothos can remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.

Lucky bamboo – Feng Shui believes that the Lucky Bamboo brings you good luck and fortune. It also deflects negative energy and is soothing and calming. If you believe in holistic healing, you might want to pick this one.

Snake plant – The Snake plant is low maintenance and would make a great gift to someone who may sometimes forget to water it or travels extensively and doesn’t have anyone else at home to water it regularly. It is said to release oxygen into the air at night, making it a wonderful choice in your bedroom.

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