Butt Workouts: The Best Way For A Shapely Behind

Like every part of the body, the bum is more scrutinised than ever before. We tend to think about our rear ends and the way that they look and worry that we need to improve ourselves. As with every body part there are many different types and they can effectively be broken down into the following categories. There’s the ‘big’ bum that may result from a good shaped bum that has just gotten a little out of a control. The ‘V-shaped’ bum is more squashed into the shape of V. The ‘flat’ bum is self-explanatory. The ‘saggy’ bum droops at the bottom, the ‘double’ bum is like a double-chin only at the rear end and the ‘bubble’ is the pert, round buttocks that are often considered the most desirable sort of bottom.


If you want to work out your rear end it is worth remembering that the type of exercise you do should be tailored to the type of bottom that you have. Behinds come in all these different shapes and sizes and you need to make use of the type of exercise that is right for you. So here are some of our top tips for the best exercises you can use to work out your butt and get the shapely posterior you desire.


If you have the V-shaped rear end that means that your buttocks will be broader and wider at the top but less so at the bottom and this means that you’ll need to work out the whole of the butt muscle to achieve results. The best way to do this is by using the exercise known as the Step Up. This involves the use of a step or a bench. Stand in front of the bench and then step up onto it, one leg at a time stepping with the right leg first. Then step off the bench, again using one leg at a time. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg.


Every wondered how top celebrities manage to avoid the ‘saggy’ butt? They do it by using a workout known as the sumo squat. This exercise works out your buttocks and keeps them in shape. To do it you need to stand with your legs a shoulder width apart and then move your leg in a circular kicking motion, landing it back around  a foot wider than you had been in your initial stance. Repeat this move 10 times for each leg and you will be well on course to avoid the saggy bottom.


Equally unappealing is the ‘double’ bum, where you have an extra fold of fat on your bum. Cross-country skiing and other exercises such as this are the best way to avoid this butt-based affliction. But if you are stuck for time and need to do something indoors you should do a move known as the prone leg circle. Lay flat on your stomach with your legs together and your toes pointed. Raise your legs slightly off the floor and then use your hips to make a small circular motion.


If you have a big butt, this can be a very attractive feature but if things have gotten a little out of hand your bum can become too big and make it difficult to fit into clothes. If this is the case, the best plan is actual to drop a few pounds as this will help you lose some weight from your backside. Doing so ensures that your big bum becomes a more manageable size that is both sexy and healthy –a  fantastic combination.

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