Mesothelioma: The Risks and Symptoms

It has only been within the last decade or so that the dangers of asbestos have been brought to the public’s attention. Until recently, most buildings, even schools and hospitals, utilized asbestos as insulation. Once the dangers of this material were revealed, government agencies acted quickly to remove it from most public buildings. Even so, this prompt action was too late for many people who were exposed to asbestos regularly throughout their lifetimes.


Many of these individuals now are at risk of developing or currently suffer from mesothelioma. One NY mesothelioma lawyer states that ”each year thousands in NY alone are still being diagnosed.” This form of cancer also is gaining recognition throughout society. As people continue to learn more about mesothelioma, they may be more proactive when they learn about its symptoms and the risks it could pose to their health.



In its earliest stages, mesothelioma and its symptoms mimic that of a cold or a bad case of bronchitis. Indeed, sufferers may notice that they are short of breath, suffer from wheezing, and have chest tightness. Even more, these individuals may suffer from chronic coughing that is painful and does not respond to cough syrup or other cold remedies.


However, as their symptoms progress, people might notice more physical changes that point to the onset of this dangerous type of cancer. People with mesothelioma may notice changes like:


• Swelling of their abdomens
• Pain in their stomachs and rib cage areas
• Weight loss
• Lumps in their stomachs or armpits
• Lumps under the skin of their chests


If they notice any of these physical changes, people are advised to see their doctors immediately so that they can be tested and properly diagnosed with this illness.




Once they are diagnosed with mesothelioma, sufferers may wonder about this illness’s risks and their prognoses. The risks of this illness can be directly pinpointed to exposure to certain chemicals, most notably asbestos. Their exposure could have risen in several different ways, including going to school in a building that used asbestos in its insulation, living with someone who worked with this material, or working in a factory that used this material in its production.


Unfortunately, hindsight of the dangers of asbestos does little to improve the prognoses of people who suffer from mesothelioma. However, this hindsight has proven vital in reducing and even eliminating this material’s use in other buildings today.


People who now suffer from mesothelioma often wonder about their futures and whether or not they can survive this condition. Most physicians treat this illness like any other form of cancer and suggest patients go through treatments that have otherwise proven successful with other forms of cancer. Mesothelioma patients may recover or prolong their survival by undergoing treatments like:


• Surgical removal of tumors
• Chemotherapy to kill cancerous cells
• Radiation therapy
• Immunotherapy to boost immune response


These treatment options are the most popular available today, although doctors continue to work on new solutions to the problem of mesothelioma. People who want to know more about mesothelioma and how they or their loved ones developed this condition can be more proactive about their healthcare decisions by learning about its symptoms and what risks cause this condition to develop.


Writer Melanie Fleury has watched cancer take the lives of several family members. She learned more about how asbestos can cause mesothelioma at the website of NY mesothelioma lawyer David Perecman.


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