Escape Modern Life: Take a Visit to Mother Nature!

Is it just me, or does modern life make you feel like you should be doing more? With all the stresses, electronic connectivity and seemingly relentless pace, you can end up speeding through life without taking the time you need to look after your wellbeing. However, environmental wellness can help you get back home and to the present moment. All you need is one thing; nature.


According to Jessica Rhodes, a certified wellness advisor for the 123 Feel Better Company, ‘Most of us believe that growing up means we must exchange the natural explorations of childhood for the pursuits of adulthood, such as working and setting up our own homes, as our parents did. However, exploring and appreciating the natural environment is a wonderful way to combat stress and anxiety and connect us to the world we live in. Time in nature actually helps us to handle the stress of modern life more effectively.’ As author and professor Dr. Maria Jaoudi puts it, ‘There is indeed irony in the fact that we have to learn all over again how to enjoy those things that children seem to have such a spontaneous relationship with: dirt, grass, dandelions, cats and dogs. So, it seems, that to heal the child within, we must return to the garden.’


So how can you connect back to nature, without eliminating everything on your busy schedule?


1. Go for a walk: Rhodes asserts, ‘One of the easiest and best ways to reconnect with nature is to go for walks in your neighbourhood. Simply walk to a local store, or just go for a walk with no destination our route in mind. You’ll find yourself noticing things you normally wouldn’t from the inside of a car. Pay attention to the sights, sounds and smells around you. Is it windy, warm, chilly, sunny or overcast? Do you hear birds, dogs, children, cars, lawnmowers or frogs? Tune in to your surroundings and allow yourself to experience what is happening in the moment.’


2. Have lunch outside: When going for a walk in your local park, spend some time there and have lunch. ‘Take a picnic and a friend, or just brown-bag it one day on your lunch break from work,’ Rhodes enthuses. ‘You can take a book and lounge under a tree, reading, or you can simply lie on the ground and stare up at the clouds. The activity you choose isn’t important. Just find something you already like to do, and do it outdoors.’


3. Take care of your world: ‘Another way of appreciating nature is having reverence for it,’ Rhodes points out. ‘Don’t litter. If you’re out on a walk and you see a Styrofoam cup or paper bag, pick it up and toss it away. In fact, why not carry a small plastic bag in your pocket when you’re out for a stroll, just in case? You’ll feel good knowing you’re helping to keep your neighbourhood clean, and you’ll probably end up setting an example for others in the area. There’s no need to be excessively vigilant about this, but every little bit helps.’


4. Bring nature to you: Rhodes advises, ‘Gardening, planting flowers and filling your home with plants is an easy way to commune with nature. Nature is made up of all living things, including us, so having plants and animals in your home will bring that outdoor feeling inside. Another way to bring nature home is to buy all-natural, eco-friendly organic foods and products. Add some raw fruits and vegetables to your diet, and focus on purchasing cosmetic, skincare and housecleaning products that are good for the environment as well as your health. This will help you feel that your home is in tune with nature and full of life.’

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