What Are The Best Yoga Poses to Cleanse Your Mind?

Do you feel tired, heavy and bloated? There is a complementary therapy that could help improve your wellness and wellbeing in this regard: yoga. Yoga can help to shed toxins and restore your energy. As you twist, breathe, balance and cleanse your body, the yoga restores your natural energy flow and gives you an automatic detox.


There are some yoga positions that are best to help you cleanse your mind, and the first of these is the child’s pose. To do this, curl up and then spend a few minutes making your breath deeper and deeper. Yogic breathing is called Ujjayi breathing, too – when you breathe in and out of your nose, keeping your lips sealed.


When you feel calm and ready, move on into downward facing dog position. Stretch out your arms in front of you and place them on the floor. Curl your toes underneath you and push your bottom up towards the ceiling. Hold this position and take ten deep, calming breaths.


Next, move on to the revolved crescent lunge. To do this, you need to inhale and lift your right leg up as high as you can and then step down between your hands, pressing up into a high lunge. Move your hands together to your heart, and then twist to the right, putting your left elbow onto the outside of your right knee – this is the revolved crescent lunge. Take ten deep, yogic breaths. Release your hands and place them back on the mat in the downward facing dog pose.


The mountain pose is a bit like downward facing dog, except that you walk your feet up to the top of the mat, closer to your hands. Inhale as you press up into the mountain pose, and hold it for a few breaths.


If you practise all these poses regularly, they will help to improve your circulation and make you feel better, fitter and stronger overall.

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