Benefits of Massage Therapy: 5 Ways to Get Rid of Pain

Ongoing research into the benefits of massage therapy are adding to the body of evidence showing how it can help with numerous diseases and disorders. As a result, a once reluctant medical community is now embracing therapeutic massage. Many hospitals now feature on-site massage therapists and spas for the treatment of pain patients and post-surgery patients because of the undeniable effects of massage in speeding the recovery process.


Relieves Stress

Stress is felt occasionally by everyone and is not always a bad thing. Whenever an energetic action is needed, your body generates energy that can be used productively by you. Adrenaline raises your heart rate, and cortisol boosts your blood sugar, which is what our ancestors needed for a fight or flight response. However, when stress lingers, it can be a problem. Massage therapy is great for lowering your heart rate, blood pressure, and secreting certain neurotransmitters like endorphins that encourage feelings of calm and relaxation.


Improves Circulation

Another benefit of massage therapy is improved blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can lead to pain because of fluid pooling in the extremities. It can also cause a buildup of lactic acid in muscles. Massage therapy can improve blood circulation, leading to much improved blood circulation.


Improves Posture

Poor posture is a common cause of neck and back pain. For example, when you are hunched forward, some muscles are forced to work harder than others. This leads to muscle tension and pain. Massage therapy can relax and loosen muscles made sore by poor posture, encouraging your body to resume a normal posture.


Relieves Headaches

Studies show that most people who have chronic headaches have migraines. These incredibly painful and debilitating headaches are disruptive to the lives of millions. Massage works in two ways to relieve headaches. It prevents stress and tension headaches. It also eases pressure caused by migraines. Pain in the head, neck, and shoulders is relieved through massage.


Speeds Injury Recovery

One of the greatest benefits of massage therapy is its positive effect on injury rehabilitation. According to health professionals of physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres of Ontario who help injured patients with physiotherapy in Courtice, massage helps push more nutrients and oxygen into bodily tissues, promoting faster healing. It allows injured areas to be more flexible and improves blood flow.


If you have been skeptical about the power of massage therapy, put your doubts aside and try the treatment for yourself. If you are suffering from pain, consult a massage therapist in your area to discover the many benefits of massage therapy and how you can utilize this treatment to have a better quality of life. The only thing you have to lose is your pain.

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