Relieving Your Pain the Traditional Chinese Way

No matter how old you are or what level of activity you do, the chances are that your wellness and wellbeing will be affected by some form of pain during your lifetime. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complementary therapy that is designed to help ease your discomfort, whether you’re suffering from knee pain, sciatica or menstrual pain.


There are several Chinese pain relief medications, with varying functions, indications and dosages. These remedies have already stood the test of time and are based on traditional formulas that date back for thousands of years.


Traumatic injuries can include things like bruising and swelling. These occur when an area of the body experiences trauma of some sort, whether that be a direct contact with an object, a fall, a sprain or something of this ilk.


The Chinese herb Chin Too Tieh Shang Wan (also known as chin koo dyeh shahng wahn) is known in English as the Muscles and Bones Injury Pill (which, let’s face it, is a little easier for Westerners to say!). It is used in cases where traumatic injuries have occurred, such as sprains, swelling and bruising. The pill helps to get the blood moving and also reduces swelling and internal bleeding, plus of course relieves the pain that is usually resultant from such an injury.


Chin Koo Tieh Shang Wan is the main pill that is used in these types of circumstance. The chief herb that makes up the formula for this pill is Panax pseudoginseng (san qi) which is also an active ingredient in the pill Yunnan Pai Yao. Chin Koo also contains the ingredient myrrh and frankincense, two better-known herbs that are used to increase circulation and reduce pain levels.


These herbs have been used as an incense, too, for many thousands of years. They are also available as essential oils, and these work to stimulate the circulation of blood.

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