How to Use Traditional Chinese Medicine to Heal Yourself

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complementary form of medical treatment that is quite different to Western medicine. In Western medicine, any problems with your wellness and wellbeing are typically treated with prescription medication, with perhaps a healthy dose of chicken noodle soup on the side, whereas in traditional Chinese medicine, a treatment plan can include various therapies including qi gong, massage therapy and moxibustion.


The most common type of treatment plan is a combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture, and this is used to treat a very wide variety of ailments.


Traditional Chinese Medicine, like Western medicine, covers every different aspect of health, with anything from allergic reactions, to insomnia to a common cold being covered by the wide range of treatment options. If you are interested in trying Chinese medicine, however, you would be well advised to go and see a Chinese healthcare practitioner. Medical advice found in articles on the internet cannot be a safe substitution for the guidance of an educated and experienced professional.


Many people who suffer with allergies turn to traditional Chinese medicine. These allergies can be to anything at all in the environment, from animal hair to peanuts, and some experts in Chinese medicine claim that the therapies can cure these sensitivities.


Arthritis is another one that is a prime target for Chinese medicine. Whilst Western treatments tend to focus on dulling the symptoms of this painful disease, Chinese medicine claims to offer a cure, by eliminating the actual cause of the arthritis.


Even the common cold isn’t left out when it comes to traditional Chinese medicine. Instead of chicken noodle soup, however, the Chinese turn to foods such as miso soup with ginger and spring onions to help cure this ailment and get you back to full strength.

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