Five Of The Best Foods To Eat To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Today, most people understand how important healthy teeth and gums are. Fortunately, these people most likely visit their dentist twice per year for exams and general cleanings. They may even opt for cosmetic dentistry services to improve the overall look of their smiles, as well. However, most people are not familiar with dietary supplements and delicious foods that can actually benefit their teeth.



Most people generally know about the benefits of body for their body. However, they are most likely not familiar with how water can benefit their teeth. There are many foods and drinks that are very unhealthy for a person’s body that will also damage the look and function of their teeth. These foods may be any item with excessive amounts of sugar or foods that are very acidic. While it may be impossible for individuals to remove these foods from their lifestyles, drinking the recommended amount of water each day can help remove sugar and acidic elements off of the surface of the teeth. Water is truly beneficial because it rinses the tooth enamel clean.


Calcium-Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in calcium can greatly benefit the look and strength of the teeth. Milk, cheese, and yogurt are all excellent sources of calcium that will help the teeth in great ways. By protecting the tooth enamel and incorporating the necessary calcium and phosphorus, an individual’s teeth will be strong, durable, and appealing.



Nuts are considered a superfood because of the benefits they have for a person’s diet. However, most people are surprised how nuts can improve a person’s teeth. When eaten in moderation, cashews and peanuts can increase saliva and incorporate additional vitamins and minerals into the patient’s diet. These can include magnesium, folic acid, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B6.


Whole Grains

In recent studies, reports have been made that have shown a decrease in cases of periodontal disorder or periodontitis for people who consume the proper amount of whole grains. Whole grains can be found in a variety of fiber rich foods including pasta, breads, and oats. Not only are they delicious but the whole grains can limit the amount of acidic activity in the mouth which will directly improve a person’s teeth and help them remain healthy.



There is an old saying that an apple a day helps keep the doctor away but this is also evident in dental care. Any family dentist in Montpelier VT understands how beneficial apples are for the teeth and body. Apples will directly increase the production of saliva which will, in turn, decrease the possibility of cavities. Plus, this popular fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals to help a person’s diet and increase the look and function of the teeth.


While the underlying health of the person’s teeth is most important, a dentist can help patients choose healthier options for their diet. The foods above will not only help their physical health and well being but also the strength, look, and feel of their teeth while eating, drinking, and chewing.

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