How to Avoid Common Injuries Sustained When Exercising

Exercising is a great way to build muscle, create a great physique, promote health and prevent illness. However, exercising, whether it is done consistently or sporadically, has the potential to lead to a variety of injuries. Thankfully, these common injuries can be easily prevented.


Muscle strains and joint sprains are some of the most common workout injuries. A strain can happen when a cold muscle is suddenly pushed to its limit. Sprains occur when a joint is bent too far or in the wrong direction. Common joints that are sprained include the ankles and knees when running and the wrist when lifting weight or playing sports that use the arms, such as tennis. Shoulder injuries are also common in sports such as tennis, basketball and football.


Warm UP/ Cool Down

Prevention is the key for any of these injuries. First, athletes should always remember that warm-ups and cool-downs are never a waste of time. The muscles must be stretched before they are worked out extensively. A warm-up may include stretching or slow aerobic activity, such as jogging or jumping rope. A cool-down often includes similar activities to a warm-up and helps the muscles and the heart rate return to normal.


Start Gradually

Second, exercisers should always begin new workouts gradually. As their muscles become more used to the activity, their stamina will increase, and they will eventually be able to do the activity harder and longer. In addition, rest is vital to allow muscles and joints a chance to heal. Individuals should always pay attention to their bodies as they work out. Pain is a cue that the body is being overworked and that the individual needs to rest.


Proper Shoes

Finally, proper shoes are extremely important for any workout. Plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of a ligament on the sole of one’s foot, can occur when the foot is not adequately supported or if workout shoes do not fit well. This can cause pain whenever the person is standing. The best plantar fasciitis shoes are like shoes for heel spurs in that they support the arch of the foot and that do not allow the foot to roll inward when walking or running.


Although injuries are possible when exercising, they do not need to be a common experience. Following these preventative tips can help athletes of any age who are working out to avoid pain and medical problems. Starting new exercises slowly, warming up, wearing supportive shoes and listening to one’s body are all vital to a fun, effective and healthy workout.

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