Why You Should Finish Your Physical Therapy

While it might seem tempting to skip those last few physical therapy sessions, they can be the most crucial to your treatment. The goal of physical therapy, as stated by WebMD, is to help you regain the functions necessary to make daily activities easier. Whether you are recovering from surgery, an accident or an age-related ailment, here are some reasons you should finish your physical therapy:


Reduce Your Liability

If you are going to physical therapy in coordination with an insurance or workers’ compensation claim, completion of the prescribed sessions is critical. Keep in mind that insurance companies and workers’ compensation case managers are responsible for collecting all of your medical records. If you miss appointments or fail to finish physical therapy, your claim could get denied. Even if you do not feel significant improvement, make it to all of your scheduled physical therapy sessions to help prove your insurance or workers’ compensation case.


Gauge Your Results

Physical therapy often produces the best results toward the end of treatment. You will be able to look back at your initial sessions and track progress, which is a crucial component of treatment. For instance, range of motion progress and pain levels are documented at each appointment. Physical therapy cannot be deemed a failure or success until the very last session. Whether you go to Westmount Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in Hamilton or to a clinic near you, you should always finish physiotherapy to know the definitive results of your complete treatment.


Learn DIY Techniques

The goal of physical therapy, as stated earlier, is to help you regain normal function. For this reason, you will likely learn many techniques that can be used outside of the physical therapy setting. These exercises can be important for pain relief, range of motion or motor skills. These calisthenics might need to be performed indefinitely or just periodically, but you won’t know your therapist’s recommendations until you finish your physical therapy.


Know Future Needs

If you have been referred to physical therapy by your general doctor or a specialist, your physical therapy results will be used in your overall treatment plan. If physical therapy is successful, then no further action will be immediately needed. However, unsuccessful physical therapy can pave the way for a surgical procedure or pain management treatment. Finishing physical therapy will rule out or confirm future healthcare needs.


Physical therapy is important for legal liability and your long-term health. Completion of physical therapy treatment will impact your future healthcare needs. If you do not regain normal function during your scheduled sessions, your doctor will rule out physical therapy as a treatment and make further recommendations. If you have specific questions regarding your physical therapy treatment, ask your physical therapist.

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