10 Guilty Pleasures for Hopelessly Boring Couples

When you’re young, you’re desperate to try new things – especially when it comes to your sexual wellness. But once you grow up, get married, have kids etc. you can start pining for those teenage favourites, like soppy, cheesy and uber-romantic dates. Family wellness expert Chaunie Brusie, author of Tiny Blue Lines: Reclaiming Your Life and Preparing For Your Baby, details, ‘When my husband and I were dating, one of our favourite things to do was take a late-night walk around our college campus and hit up the local convenience store for our respective favourite pints of ice cream…Now, officially “grown up,” with a house, a mortgage, careers, kids, and even a fourth baby on the way, it seems like those carefree, ice cream-eating days of dating of old are gone forever. But I was inspired…to create my own list of guilty pleasures for couples, even this hopelessly boring one.’ Why not try one of Brusie’s guilty pleasures on your next date night?


1. Late Night Ice Cream Sessions: ‘Because obviously,’ states Brusie. ‘Did you really think this wouldn’t make the list? Bonus points for enjoying your ice cream accompanied by a cheesy movie and/or anywhere outside.’


2. Watching The Sunrise Under a Cosy Blanket: According to Brusie, there’s no limit to ‘how beautiful this guilty pleasure can be. If you have to play hooky from work together to make this one happen, all the more romantic.’


3. Staying Up All Night Together: ‘I’m not talking about staying up all night together because you have no choice with small, screaming children,’ says Brusie. ‘I’m talking about staying up all night just for fun, and indulge in some crazy, cheesy, calorie-ridden meal because nothing tastes better in the middle of the night.’


4. Couples’ Massages: Brusie asks, ‘Need I say more? There’s always the DIY option if your budget does not approve.’


5. Sleeping Alone…To Start With: According to Brusie, ‘Maybe this is just a phenomenon of the long-married, but there’s something that makes sleeping alone in your marital bed that feels gloriously guilty. Maybe your husband is out on the town for a boys’ night, or maybe you’re sipping cocktails for a bachelorette party, but starting out alone then slipping underneath the covers can certainly spice things up a bit.’


6. Cookie Dough: Brusie asserts, ‘Salmonella warnings, be damned. Heat up the kitchen by mixing up a batch of homemade cookies — and feeding each other the dough. Somehow, I love cookie dough more than the cookies.’


7. A Late Night On the Town: ‘I’m going to let my parenting side show here,’ Brusie admits. ‘But is there anything more reckless than a night of drinking with your man when you know you don’t have to get up with kids the next day? Call me crazy, but I can’t properly enjoy a night out if I know I have a morning in the next day. Babysitter + booze = night made.’


8. Shameless Netflix Marathons: Brusie points out, ‘We’ve all been there. But if you and your man can get on board with the same show? It’s a match made in sitcom heaven. My husband and I so rarely agree on TV shows, me being more Call The Midwife and he being all Star Trek every season that I don’t even count this one as guilty.’


9. Browsing Dream House Plans Together: ‘So you’ll never really be able to build that 4,000-square-foot home with the pool and swim-up bar,’ Brusie allows. ‘But it never hurts to look and dream together, right?’


10. Making Out in the Car: Brusie comments, ‘Don’t believe me? Give it a whirl, even if you’re just stopped in the grocery store parking lot. I’m not sure why this can be so exciting, but I guess we can all just be thankful that we are cheap dates these days.’

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