The Doctor is In: 4 Healthy Habits We Have Learned from Dr. Oz

Since Dr. Mehmet Oz began his television show in 2009, he has come be known as the trusted authority for teaching us healthy habits. Dr. Oz packs each episode with advice to make us healthier inside and out. With all the information the wise and affable doctor offers, it can challenging to keep up. Take a look at four of the best healthy habits we’ve learned from Dr. Oz, and see which ones you’ve been abiding by, and which ones could use a little work.

Add Some Healthy Fat into Your Diet

For so many years the popular line of thinking was all fat should be avoided. Dr. Oz has been one of the leading experts to teach us omega 3 fats are actually good for our hearts, brains, and waistlines. Thanks to Dr. Oz we know to include foods like nuts and fish into our daily diets. He’ll agree, that yes, many fats should be avoided. However, it’s all about getting the right fats in your diet to contribute to an overall healthy diet.

Take Care of Those Pearly Whites

Dentists have long told us of the importance of good oral hygiene, but Dr. Oz has aided in teaching us how our dental habits affect our overall health. Thanks to Dr. Oz, we’ve learned that poor oral health is linked to some serious diseases. According to a family dentist in Salinas, poor oral health has been connected to instances of heart disease, memory problems, and certain cancers. If you need another reason to consistently take good care of your teeth beyond a bright smile, obviously these undesirable diseases are enough to keep you brushing and flossing.

Opt for Real Foods

In pre-Dr. Oz days we believed calories were calories and as long as we didn’t get too many calories we’d be okay. Because of the research Dr. Oz shares, we now know this isn’t entirely true. The combination of sugar, sodium, trans-fats, and chemicals in processed foods make them a particularly bad choice for our health and pants size. According to Dr. Oz’s research and philosophy, making fresh, whole foods a part of our everyday dietary habit we all need to practice. Many professionals in the past have told us to avoid calories in the form of sugar, sodium, or trans-fats, but they haven’t given great alternatives. When Dr. Oz gives a warning or tells you to cut something out of your life, he gives suggestions for alternatives so you can actually make the healthy change in your life.

Hit the Gym

Or the trail, or the track, or whatever your exercise venue of choice is. While the importance of regular exercise is certainly not a unique idea to Dr. Oz, he does continually present compelling evidence to reinforce to us the importance of breaking a sweat. Whether it’s demonstrating a simple routine or just sharing the latest research on how exercise helps with problems like stress and insomnia, Dr. Oz is continually reminding us of the importance of getting into a regular exercise habit. Many doctors or health professionals in the public eye try to focus on amazing breakthrough methods or strange practices that will magically help you lose weight. Dr. Oz likes to stick to the basics and knows that good old-fashioned exercise will do you more good than any miracle pill or food.


Perhaps equally as important as the healthy habits Dr. Oz has taught us is how he emphasizes that these habits not only affect our health today, but also for the rest of our lives. Dr. Oz likes to get his viewers to think about their future, not just the “now.” Many people want to look a certain way right now, but they don’t consider how getting in healthy habits will help them to look better (and feel better) in the future. If you’re concerned about the future of your health, it might be a good idea to take a few notes from Dr. Oz and get into healthy habits before it is too late.


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