Five Changes You and Your Family May Need To Make For Health Care This Year


With the changes in the healthcare marketplace and adjustments that businesses are making to their benefit structures, families need to make changes to their approach to getting healthcare in the new year. No matter what your circumstance, these items can help your family to save money on health care and stay healthy at the same time:


Health Savings Accounts

Many families have budgeted for paying for medication that they need every month. However, there are now health savings accounts that the family pays for with their premiums. Rather than spending the money at the pharmacy, the family pays into their plan and the plan pays for prescriptions at the pharmacy. This change can save some families a good deal of money.


Eat Healthier

Families that are without health insurance may want to funnel any extra cash into eating more healthy. A healthier diet can help to keep the family from getting sick and feeling under the weather. This is one of the first things doctors recommend, and these steps can be taken even without an insurance plan or family doctor present.


Use Urgent Care Over Family Doctor Visits

There are some insurance plans that require families to choose a family doctor and everything in that insurance plan branches out from care that that doctor provides. However, some families may not be able to find a family doctor they like, may not have insurance or may not be able to find a doctor in their area that is covered under their new insurance. Looking into other options is essential to save money on healthcare bills, suggests professionals at Med-First Immediate and Urgent Care in Jacksonville, NC. Going to an urgent care is helpful if the family rarely gets sick, doesn’t need prescription medication on a regular basis or only needs help in a minor emergency.



Families who are not on a health insurance plan or who have had their benefits cut back can easily take money they would have spent on insurance and use it for a gym membership or to exercise more. Regular exercise keeps the family healthy and in less need of a doctor. The lack of coverage doesn’t have to be scary when the whole family is healthy and exercising often.


Know Your Rights Under A New Plan

If the family’s health insurance has suddenly changed, it is wise for the family to read every inch of their new policy. Women who are pregnant must know their options for the birth just as families who are changing doctors must know who is in their network.


Understanding a new health insurance plan or how to live with less options can keep the family healthy in the new year.

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