How To Discipline Your Child Without Resorting To Violence

How To Discipline Your Child Without Resorting To ViolenceDisciplining your children is an essential part of parenthood – children have to learn how to behave, be aware of boundaries and know right from wrong. However, attitudes have changed over recent decades and where smacking a child was once the most way of dealing with bad behaviour, that is no longer the case. Even raising your voice can have as detrimental an effect on your offspring as raising your hand.

You are the adult in this relationship so it’s up to act like an adult by being reasonable, not losing your temper, and dealing with any bad behaviour by keeping a sense of perspective.

There are many good reasons why smacking or beating a child is wrong, not least because as the adult you already have all the power in this relationship.

First of all, if you are aggressive and angry when dealing with difficult situations, the chances are your child will simply ape your behaviour and grow up thinking that violence is the answer to every problem. Be a more positive example of a problem solver by keeping your temper and remaining calm.

Violence will not solve a child’s behaviour. All you will do is breed resentment in your offspring and perhaps even exacerbate the problems you’re having with them. Your kid will likely become distant from you and show hostility whenever you try to talk to them.

Your chances of having an open, friendly relationship with your child will be reduced the angrier and more violent you are towards them. Your child might even begin to believe you don’t love or care about him or her, damaging them emotionally as well as physically.

Disciplining your child physically is a rocky road that will be painful for both of you. Make your child’s boundaries clear to them from a young age and devise a punishment that is punitive but not physically painful; for example, removing TV or computer privileges, grounding your offspring or stopping pocket money for a period.

Make communication the key to disciplining your child and keep your hands in your pockets.

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