Is Mould Lurking In Your Kitchen?

Unsightly and often smelly, mould in the home is something we all want to avoid. But the problems associated with mould go much further than sight and smell – it can also cause serious health problems.

Mould is a type of fungus which grows in the home wherever moisture is trapped in the air. Common spots for mould to form are in kitchens and bathrooms where damp conditions are often found. It can also grow in the soil of indoor pot plants and on wallpaper, wall tiles, carpets and window frames.

For most people, the immune system kicks into action when mould spores are present, preventing serious problems. However, for more vulnerable groups such as babies, the elderly or those who already have a weakened immune system, mould can cause health problems such as an infection, allergy and respiratory problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis.

To avoid mould forming in your kitchen, it’s important to prevent damp.

  • Open the kitchen windows each day
  • Use extractor fans in problem areas such as kitchens or bathrooms to keep the atmosphere dry
  • If mould is already visible, remove it using specialist fungicides or bleach but always check the instructions on the product first
  • Special mould-resistant paints are also useful, especially for bathrooms and kitchens which can be difficult to keep dry.

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