How To Attract Birds To Your Garden

Birds are useful allies in eating slugs and snails, as well as providing a welcome sight in the garden. Whatever your view, your local eco-system depends on birds to help distribute seeds in the wild and transfer pollen on their feathers as they travel from plant to plant. Bird experts believe that gardeners can help species of birds that are in decline by making their gardens bird-friendly.

Feeding – The best way to attract a wide variety of different birds into your garden is by providing a regular source of food. Strategically positioned feeders let you enjoy a close-up view of the birds from inside, and is a great way for children to learn about all the different species visiting throughout the year. You can put food on the ground but bird feeders and bird tables often provide a better way to feed the birds by ensuring that rodents and pests don’t get to the food first.

Watering – Many people take time to feed birds but many forget to also provide a supply of fresh water. This is important in winter as well, as in hot weather when water is more difficult for birds to find.

Baths – Birds need water not just for drinking but also for bathing. This helps keep their feathers clean and in good condition for flying. Being able to dampen their feathers also makes it easier for birds to preen – when they do this they are spreading oil from glands designed to keep feathers waterproof and bodies warm. A birdbath doesn’t need to be expensive – a simple container or dish of water is just as appealing to the birds as an expensive version. Remember to clean the birdbath on a regular basis to help protect the birds from diseases. 

Install nest boxes – Providing nest boxes will also encourage birds to make your garden their home. You can choose different-sized nest boxes depending on the type of bird you want to attract. Take a look online or ask at your local garden centre to find out more.

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