Is Your Drinking Water Safe? Four Signs of Unclean Water


Our drinking water isn’t always as safe as we hope it will be. Any time our water comes from the main tap line, it runs the risk of being contaminated and unsafe to drink. So, what are the warning signs of contaminated, unhealthy drinking water? Here are four things you should look out for the next time you pour a glass from the tap:



Cloudy Water


Tap water should be entirely clear. If it appears milky and cloudy, there’s a good chance that it has been treated with a high dose of chlorine during the purification process. Small doses of chlorine are not terribly unhealthy, but after time any type of chemical buildup can be detrimental to our health.



Colored Water


If the water appears as a cloudy yellow, orange or brown color, this means that there’s definitely something wrong with it. Water with a slight orange or brown tinge can possibly mean the water pipes are extremely rusted and need to be replaced. Rust-colored water is not safe to drink. Do not drink water that has any sort of coloration to it, even if the coloration is faint.



Strange Odor


One of the common side effects of tap water– and well water, especially– is a slight sulfurous odor that smells like rotten eggs. While water with a slight odor is generally safe for everything but drinking, extreme caution should be taken when drinking it. The stronger the odor, the more unsafe it is to drink.



Odd Taste


Water should have no taste whatsoever. If it does, there’s a good chance it’s not safe for drinking. Often when tap water is contaminated it is because of poor backflow installations, a plumbing problem involving leaky pipes or broken water mains. Backflow causes sewage or heavy metals to leak into the tap water, often manifesting in both a foul odor and taste. If your drinking water tastes odd, do not drink it. Backflow can cause serious health issues such as salmonella and hepatitis. Contact your plumber to have


To protect our health and the health of our loved ones it pays to be cautious, especially when it comes to something as essential to our health as drinking water. Use a bit of caution when pouring water straight from the tap and check it closely before you take a drink. When in doubt, bottled water or filtered water is a safe alternative.



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