7 Reasons Why Purifying Water is Beneficial to Your Health



Harmful substances and toxins from the environment enter the water supply, and those toxins enter our system. Additives, toxins, bacteria and pollutants all enter the drinking water and aren’t always completely removed through the standard filtration process. Human error during the treatment process impacts the quality of the drinking water. Nicolet Natural Artesian water as an alternative to plain or bottled water is safer in that it remains sealed and shielded from contaminants throughout the filtration process. Here are seven reasons why Artesian water is beneficial and essential to your health.


Purifying water


1. Plain bottled water can be exposed to BPH and affect the quality of the water. These toxins have been tied to cancer, infertility and other chronic illnesses. If exposed to warmer temperatures, the bottled water is that much stronger.


2. The typical water isn’t heavily regulated. In fact, purified water from public sources is subject to more regulatory requirements than bottled water in some cases.


3. Bottled water costs are comparable to the prices of oil in some cases. Even though bottled water is not regulated nor can the quality of the water be guaranteed, the prices for bottled water continue to be costly. Artesian water is the only type of water that can guarantee a certain level of purity and quality as it is transported.


4. Artesian water can be used in a variety of different ways. It’s difficult to use bottled water in cooking, cleaning and drinking. In purifying your own water, you have access to clean water for a multitude of household responsibilities.


5. In some cases, bacteria and cysts like E-coli and Giardia cannot be effectively removed from the water supply. These parasites and bacteria disturb the digestive system, causing abdominal cramps, fever and vomiting. Artesian water remains sealed as it is treated.


6. Chlorine is a wonderful way to eliminate bacteria in water; however, it has been linked to birth defects and forms of cancer. Purified water contains lower levels of chlorine, making it safer for pregnant women and all to drink.


7. Some areas have an aging infrastructure. As water travels through aged piping, it is exposed to corrosion and other toxins before it reaches your home. The purifying process removes the corrosive elements and increases the safety of the water supply.


Although the water supply if fairly safe, there are things that can be done to make the water safer. Purchasing artesian water or purifying water that goes through an extra filtering process makes the water you use in your household safe for drinking. The additional purification the water undergoes as you prepare to use it ensures the highest level of safety.

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