Allison confident in Ferrari progress




Ferrari technical director James Allison is confident that the team can make good progress in the coming weeks, citing the improvement already seen between Australia and Malaysia.


“We are working in a constant way and with the highest levels of dedication in all the areas of potential development,” said Allison on the Ferrari website. “We brought a useful upgrade to the Malaysian GP, and were duly rewarded with a more competitive performance than at the first race, but the whole team is in no doubt about the size of the challenge that remains ahead of us this season.


“We are not disregarding anything. Much has been spoken about the new power units on the 2014 cars, but it is rarely mentioned that 1 percent of engine power is not so different in its effect on the stopwatch as 1 percent of aero efficiency.”


Allison is adamant that the team will move forward.


“Our development program will keep delivering steps to the efficiency of the F14-T; aero, power unit, mechanical grip – race by race these steps will help to hunt down those in front. If we can keep up the progress that we made between Melbourne and Malaysia then it will start to tell in both in grid positions and in the Championship.”

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