Which Blonde Beauty Is Getting a Liquid Gold Facial?

Bar Refaeli is rich. Don’t believe us? She just posted an Instagram pic to prove it. While most of us savor any little bit of gold we can get our hands on, Bar basically bathes in it.

In this photo, she is getting a liquid gold facial, which is…well, exactly what it sounds like. How much does something like this cost? At this Four Seasons, for example, a gold facial will run you about $750 for a 100-minute treatment.

Crazy? Maybe, but much more affordable (and comfortable) than Kim Kardashian‘s recent vampire facial, a treatment that can cost up to $2500, according to Us Weekly.

While both of these treatments are a little too rich for our blood (literally in the case of the vampire facial), there are tons of other types of facials you can get that are much more affordable.

Take the bird poop facial, for example. Side note: Please don’t try to save the $180 on this one and try to salvage the massive plop of pigeon dump that somehow found its way onto the hood of your car, there is apparently a special type of bird poop that’s used. Pretty “cheap sh*t” compared to the other ones, right?

You can also try a coffee grounds facial, which you probably can do with the tub of Folgers you have sitting in your cabinet. Or maybe you’re more of an egg yolk, honey or tea bag facial kind of person (we know, but we’re talking about real tea bags).

Either way, it kind of seems like you can slap whatever the heck you want on your face and call it a beauty treatment…bonus beautiful points if you paid through the nose for it…because that makes it legit, right?

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