Save a Life: The Growing Concern of Distracted Driving


Distracted driving is increasingly becoming one of the most dangerous issues on the road. In fact, 21 percent of all traffic accidents involve at least one motorist talking on their cellphone, and an additional 5 percent of these incidents are attributed to texting behind the wheel. It is important to note that drivers using hands-free devices are included in the 21 percent statistic, so switching to a headset is not a guaranteed solution to this serious problem.



The Detrimental Impact of Distracted Driving on Innocent Lives

In 2012, a shocking 3,328 people were killed as the result of a distracted driver, and an additional 421,000 people were injured. The amount of injuries increased by 9 percent from 2011, and this makes it easy to see just how quickly distracted driving is becoming a major menace nationwide. The problem is most prevalent among drivers under the age of 30, and this is due to the fact that technology is typically embraced more strongly by younger generations.


Tragically, thousands of lives are lost each year as a result of the desire to stay constantly connected via a cellphone, and there are also several other distractions that have been directly linked to fatalities and serious injuries such as eating, grooming, using a GPS and talking to passengers.


Unfortunately, many of the victims of distracted drivers end up battling very serious injuries that cause them to need extensive physical and mental therapy. Some of these people also suffer from life altering injuries that render them disabled. Additionally, families around the country are forced to grieve for lost loved ones due to the poor decision-making skills of drivers who allow themselves to become distracted by things that can definitely wait, including phone calls and text messages.



How Can I Prevent Distraction Related Accidents?

Each driver is personally responsible for taking steps to ensure that they are always focused on the road. Therefore, it is best to put your cellphone out of reach when you are driving, and there are apps that you can use that will automatically silence your calls and texts while your vehicle is in motion. It is also important to help young drivers avoid distractions, so it is a good idea to implement a rule that prevents any teenagers in your family from driving with their friends in the car.



Taking Legal Action

If you or a loved one is injured or killed as the result of a distracted driver, you should strongly consider contacting an experienced local attorney to help you receive financial restitution for medical bills, lost wages and other related items. For example, a fatal accident involving a semi-trailer truck happened in Florida on February 12, 2014, and the responsible driver had an extensive history of driving issues. Although the police were not able to immediately determine what caused the accident, it is highly likely that the truck driver was distracted at the time of the incident. For this case retaining a Tampa truck accident attorney would be very beneficial.


The U.S. Department of Transportation indicates that there are approximately 500,000 accidents involving truck drivers each year, and 12.5 percent of all traffic fatalities are caused by a trucking collision. If it is conclusively determined that the trucker in the Florida case was distracted when the crash occurred, the victim’s family could easily file a wrongful death lawsuit. Additionally, a lawyer can help them build a solid case so that all applicable bills will be taken care of, and the surviving family members could also receive a settlement for the deceased individual’s anticipated lifetime income.



It is clear from all of the available statistics that distracted driving is a problem that is continuously becoming worse. Therefore, everyone is responsible for avoiding all potential distractions whenever they get behind the wheel. After all, failure to do so could lead to an injury or death, and this will have a major impact on your life regardless of whether you are the victim or the person at fault.



Lisa Coleman shares the impact distracted driving is having on our society currently among drivers of all ages. She recently researched the website of an experienced Tampa truck accident attorney and read about how they can legally help a victim in such an accident.



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