Dorothy Must Die, a book by Danielle Paige


Dorothy is back in an all-new book, Dorothy Must Die, and this time she’s gone wicked. Amy Gumm is a normal teenage girl, under appreciated and slightly awkward. When a tornado takes her away from her native Kansas, it’s the beginning of an epic journey. Oz has changed, and it’s up to Amy Gumm to stop it the only way she can – she must kill Dorothy.


Danielle Paige’s debut novel takes you on a magical trip to a familiar land that has changed drastically. And like a grown up finally understanding a fairy tale, nothing is as it seems. Dorothy Must Die is Oz for the new age. It’s a different spin on what happens when a normal girl is placed, where anything is possible and magic runs rampant. This should be on your young adult shelf!


What is bad? What makes you good? Returning to Oz is addicting, and dare I say it, Danielle Paige takes on a realistic view on what might happen. Oz’s harsh world is full of brutality, and Amy Gumm is a strong character that every girl can identify with. Even when she’s in doubt, she has the determination to do what’s right, despite the muddling of lines in Oz. It makes her a girl that we would follow into any disaster.


What does it take to kill Dorthy? What would Amy Gumm do to kill a girl, who just like her was just a simple Kansas girl stuck in a strange land. Your favorite characters are back in unique, scary and strange ways. The Tin man is stronger than ever, the Lion feeds on fear, and the Scarecrow is a mad scientist.


Soon to be a CW show! You’re going to want to pick up and get addicted to this series right away. Fall in love with the new brutal Oz, and become a little bit Wicked.

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