Considering a Face Lift? 4 Things You Should Know Before Following Through

Getting a face lift is a big step, so it’s important to make sure that you understand the process and recovery time before your surgery. You also need to confirm that you are a good candidate for surgery and have realistic expectations before you go in for your face lift.



A Face Lift Won’t Fix Fine Lines


Getting a face lift will make you look younger, but there are some things that the surgery cannot fix. Surgery will make your face have a youthful shape. It will also have fewer large, deep wrinkles. Some of the issues that face lift surgery will not improve are fine lines, brown spots and droopy eyelids. It’s smart to talk to your doctor about any specific concerns that you have. Having realistic expectations will help you predict what you will look like after the surgery has been performed.


Recovery Takes Time


Your recovery time may be shorter or longer than average, but it is likely that you be recovering from surgery and be unable to perform regular activities for at least one week. It may take a couple of months for the swelling from your surgery to go down completely. Your face will probably look normal about a month after surgery.



How to Prepare For Surgery


Preparing for surgery begins with your preoperative appointment. At this appointment you will meet nurses who will answer your questions and provide you with the prescriptions that you will need to take after your surgery. It’s smart to avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and herbal supplements because they can cause increased bleeding. Not smoking for at least a week before your surgery is recommended.



Whether You Are A Good Candidate


The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for a face lift is to talk to your surgeon about your expectations as well as your history. The condition of your skin is one factor that your surgeon will use to determine if you are a good candidate. Other factors include your age and whether or not you smoke. Face lift surgery can be performed at any age, however it is best to have the surgery performed when you are younger and the signs of aging, like droopy eyelids, are not yet severe.


One of the best ways to prepare for surgery is to look at before and after pictures of other face lift procedures that your surgeon has performed. You may also want to talk to people who have already had a face lift about their experiences. Your surgery experience will likely vary from the ones you hear about, but the basic facts of surgery and recovery will probably be similar.

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