Maximize Your House for Your Loved One with Mobility Issues

Those who have mobility issues often have to work twice as hard to get around the house. However, making a few changes to the design and flow of a floor plan can substantially improve the quality of life for loved ones who need assistance while navigating the home.




Carpeted floors make it difficult for those in wheelchairs to move freely around the house, especially when confined to a wheelchair. Flat smooth flooring allows chairs, whether hand powered or motorized, to easily navigate. Today’s market provides hundreds of types and styles of flooring to fit your home for all budgets, whether it be traditional hardwood flooring or laminates.




Most homes use stairs in one form or another to access different levels of the house or provide access from the outside. While keeping your loved one’s bedroom on the main level of the home can help get around stair problems, the stairs leading into the home area different story. Consider installing a ramp instead of stairs to help increase mobility in and out of the home.



Furniture Placement

Where you place furniture in the home can impact how easy it is to navigate. Choose furniture pieces based on the size of your rooms. Ask yourself, can a wheelchair easily maneuver and turn around the furniture without having to back up or squeeze by? When possible, keep furniture on the outer perimeter of the room, allowing more open space for movement.



Counter Heights

To increase self sufficiency and access in the home, you may want to install lower counter tops in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. If this is not a financially feasible option, consider installing a section of counter top that is more accessible to your family member with mobility issues.



Bathroom Accessibility

The bathroom is one area of the home that will most likely need the most changes. Consider a specially made toilet as well as properly installed safety bars for helping your loved one get on and off the toilet. Showers should be installed that allow easy roll in and roll out access, along with additional safety bars and accessible temperature control knobs and shower head. An experienced plumbing company like those at can help you choose and install the right system for your home.


Small changes in the home make a big difference when it comes to mobility. While some options may seem expensive, in some cases modifications may be funded by disability resources. Regardless, the increase in mobility and comfort your loved one gains is priceless.

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