Is Chocolate Good For Diabetics?



Chocolates are the delicious delicacies one cannot keep away from for a long time. The sweet chocolate flavor is a favorite of many. The diabetic patients also cannot help it and keep away from chocolates. But is chocolate good for type 2 diabetes patients or is it bad for diabetes patients? This question is in doubts for many people.


In this article we shall discuss of some reasons to why is chocolate good for diabetes type patients. The article will highlight a few points on how to use chocolates for the betterment and not worse of diabetic patients.



1. Content of Flavanoids – A new research reveals that chocolate consists of a few flavanoids which are beneficial for type 2 diabetes. This study also reveals that the flavanoids should be consumed to reduce the negative effects of type 2 diabetes. These flavanoids reduce insulin resistance and improve glucose regulation. This is one of the best reasons to prove chocolates are good for type 2 diabetes patients. Also, the flavanoids help in protein regulation of the body and improve the working and metabolism. Therefore, chocolate is good for type 2 diabetes patient and is not bad for diabetes patient.


2. Dark Chocolates – Chocolates with high sugar and milk content have less advantage on type 2 diabetes patients and may even result in increase of sugar in blood if eaten out of proportion. In stead of normal milk chocolates, dark chocolates are beneficial for the health and fitness of diabetic patients. Dark chocolates contain more flavanoids compared to milk chocolates. Therefore consuming dark chocolates rationally may help in the insulin regulation and help in controlling diabetes type 2. Dark chocolate is good for type 2 diabetes patients and should not be considered bad.


3. Balanced consumption – Chocolates, both milk and dark do not posses much of a threat to diabetic patients if it is eaten in a balanced way. With balanced, I intend to stress on equal workout and exercising when having consumed chocolates. Chocolates do have flavanoids which are good for type 22 diabetic patients, but the sugar content cannot be just ignored. Therefore, having chocolates is not a crime for the type 2 diabetic patients. But along with the chocolates one should workout and make it a point to not make chocolates bad for diabetic patients. Chocolate is good for type 2 diabetic patients if eaten in a controlled way and not just hogged.


4. Make healthy combinations – To make chocolates good for type 2 diabetic patients you must make a healthy combination. Adding dark chocolates or milk chocolates to a healthy diet with vegetables and fruits can increase the advantages of chocolates and decrease the disadvantages. The dark chocolate has more biotic compounds whose effect may enhance when eaten with veggies and other healthy food. Make healthy combinations of chocolates to have a good effect. This proves that chocolate with a healthy combination is good for type 2 diabetic patients and is not bad for diabetic patients. All the above reasons does show that chocolates can be good for the health of diabetic patients.

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