Karate Ambassador’s Cup a hit


RIYADH —  The Saudi Arabian Karate Federation and the Japanese Embassy organized a karate competition dubbed as “Ambassador’s Cup” here over the weekend.


The annual competition attracted a large number of karate lovers. Japanese Ambassador Jiro Kodera was the chief guest on the occasion, which was attended by President of the World Karate Federation (WKF) Antonio Espinos, President of UAE Karate Federation, President of Saudi Arabian Karate Federation and other dignitaries.


Karate is a well-known Japanese traditional martial art, which does not require any equipment and is performed with hands, elbows and legs to confront an opponent.


Speaking at the function, Kodera said: “I think the level of Saudi karate players is high. I am pleased to see the kata performances and karate matches in Saudi Arabia. It also makes me happy that karate, which originated in Japan, has become popular all over the world, especially in Saudi Arabia.”


The Embassy of Japan in cooperation with Saudi Arabian Karate Federation have been inviting karate experts to the Kingdom.


Two experts toured Riyadh, Jeddah and other cities of the Kingdom late last year to train karate practitioners. While teaching the physical skills, karate instructors also emphasize on the players’ attitude and code of conduct.


A karate performance was also arranged at the Embassy of Japan on the occasion of National Day Reception. Japan is gearing up for the 2020 Olympic Games. Japan attaches great importance to sports and the Embassy of Japan plans to organize as many sports-related activities as possible. — SG

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