Say Goodbye to Age and Weight Myths for Better Wellness

Thinking that weight gain is down to your age might demotivate you when it comes to looking after your wellness, so recognising this as a valid myth might be all you need to get active and fight the pounds. It’s definitely true that our bodies change with time, and we could feel more tired as hormones change and metabolisms slow, but you don’t have to sit back and let this happen.

Speed up

Eating habits are often hard to break, even when we know that a change in diet could enhance wellbeing. The mistake many of us make, is that we don’t change what and how we eat as we age. But our needs change so being more adaptive to our age could see great results in terms of fitness and weight. Because our metabolisms slow and we process food less effectively we really need to give our bodies a nutrient boost as we get older. Instead of snacking on the same old foods that might not have caused weight gain in our 20’s and 30’s we can get more energy and anti-ageing benefits from lean cuts of meat and plenty of richly coloured fresh vegetables, olives and seeds. Where possible try and limit refined carbohydrates and processed food like ham and hot dogs, as they’re full of preservatives and nitrates.

Enjoy Activities

Exercise is another way to stop a slowing metabolism from resulting in weight gain as the years go by. Having fun while you exercise is key, so that you’re more likely to stay committed to your new hobby. Regular activity has found to have a direct effects on genetic changes that are connected to cancer, so doing exercise can keep weight down and protect your wellness. Doing an activity three to five days a week is a good starting point and even fast walking for at least 15 minutes a session is a great way to kick-start your metabolism.

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