Could Your Fat Stores Have Anti-Ageing Benefits?

A new stem cell technique has been developed where excess fat is being harvested and used as an anti-ageing treatment. Clinicians in Korea say they have pioneered a new way for people to keep their youthful looks and tackle wellness problems.

Benefits of Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy can be controversial, especially when it involves the use of cells taken from embryos. But it also appears to be an effective way of giving patients the ability to heal themselves. These cells form the building blocks to all cells in our bodies, so when we need to generate new ones due to wellbeing issues being injected with them can help. Research shows that this technique can be useful to sufferers of dementia, diabetes and heart problems, as well as proving effective as an anti-ageing tool. Doctor Jung Kwang Seup explained how the technique bypasses ethical problems of stem cell techniques because the method he uses gets the cells from the patients’ own fat stores on their abdomens or inner thigh.

New Technique

In addition to avoiding ethical issues, the expert says that using this technique also avoids rejection of cells, as they come from the patient themselves. When they undergo the treatment, the cells are harvested from body fat then prepared in the lab and injected back into the patient. Other clinics sometimes get stem cells from bone marrow, umbilical cords or animals in order to treat a range of conditions. This can be a complicated process that can take time, but Dr Jung says the method he uses means people can be treated in outpatients’ clinics in two to three hours. The technique aims to stimulate the growth of new cells where necessary. Patients who have opted for the treatment at the clinic vary from those wishing to generate new cartilage in their knees to those keen on activating skin cells to look more youthful.

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