Tips on Giving Yourself an Anti-Ageing Makeover

Ageing can make it more difficult for you to feel at your best, so why not try out these beauty techniques that are designed to enhance your natural looks and wellness. There are ways you can trick time by carefully looking after your appearance, but some of these tips can actually slow down the process of getting older.

Get Skin Therapy

Cosmetic practitioners offer a huge array of techniques to turn back the clock, and choosing one is all about your personal preferences. Some, like Botox, make people feel uncomfortable because of the use of needles, but more recent methods rely on pain-free methods of stimulating collagen. Even basic anti-ageing creams can also enhance collagen production, increasing your vitality. Anti-oxidant ingredients can fend of free radicals and slow down cell damage linked with ageing.

Sparkling Smile

Teeth discolour as we get older and even though their colour might not be connected to our wellness, they could age you beyond your years. Consider opting for teeth whitening treatments if you want a fresher smile or you eat staining food and drink, like black coffee or red wine.

Shining Hair

Although some people get grey hair in their 20s, they’re often linked to getting older. So keep those grey roots by dyeing hair so it looks as youthful as possible. Using products designed for mature or dry hair can make it gleam and enhance wellbeing.

Happy Hands

The skin on your face can age quicker because it is exposed most of the time, but the same goes for your hands. Don’t forget to cover hands with SPF just like you do with your facial skin to reduce the chances of premature ageing. Moisturise them as part of your daily skin care routine to keep them soft.

Open your Eyes

Some anti-ageing creams promise to boost collagen levels, which starts to decrease as we get older. Skin eventually beings to sag as lines develop, with the eye area suffering more than other parts of the face, due to the thinness of the skin. So to open your eyes more as you get older simply apply some false eye lashes. Lashes thin as we age, but false lashes or lash extensions can contribute to a youthful appearance.

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