Bow Hunters Can Soon Carry a Pistol for Protection from Bears

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Bow hunters will be able to carry a pistol for protection from bears in Western Maryland later this year after a new law made its way through the Maryland General Assembly.


The law allows people hunting with a bow and arrow in Garrett, Allegany, and part of Washington County to openly carry a gun in case they get attacked by a bear.


“We have a big issue with bears, not so much here in Frederick, but they certainly do out in Western Maryland, and help is a long ways away. People have to be able to take care of themselves and take care of themselves right away,” said Sen. David Brinkley, (R) – Frederick County, who co-sponsored the law.


The bill was introduced for several years and finally passed this session.


The law goes into effect on October 1, 2014 and the sponsors of it hope it keeps bow hunters in Western Maryland safe.


“When you’re hunting out in the woods, help can be a long way away, and particularly when it’s a matter of personal protection, I think having side-arm, the handgun at the side, is a critical device they have to have,” Brinkley said. “It’s a critical tool.”


You can read the law by clicking here.


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